Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This morning

This morning I was driving, on my way to work. I called my future to be ex-husband from the car. I asked him for the email with the list of the accounts I need in order to pay for the electricity & all. Very bored about this subject about which we've been debating for more than a month now,he declined me immediately. Then I have asked him if he can pick up our sun and take him to the swimming pool this evening ..and he said "yeah I will try". Next I have asked him where are the rain boots he has promised to buy for our little baby girl more than two weeks ago...and the winter boots I have asked him to buy cheaper from Decathlon..he hang up on me..I called again...he didn't answer and so on and so forth. I have struggled not to get mad..at phrases said at 10:30AM like "say fast what you need, I am busy to get to work" after I have taken care of two kids and took one to his kinder garden and still surfing through traffic to get to work... a work I depend upon in order to raise my kids ..while he went to bed at a time of his choice and woke up late just because he is too lazy to wake up earlier ...you should show a little more respect for the woman who raises your kids if you don't take the blame that you have neglected her as a woman in a moment in life when she needed you most.

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